Are you looking for a new crop of Royal Gala apples? The first apples of the new harvest are expected on Monday 13 September. Directly from Poland from our grower and now available for sale.

The variety of Royal Gala apples

The Royal Gala apple is an eating apple, which can be used well in desserts and salads because of its sweet taste. The apple has juicy, white flesh and a dark red color on the outside. The origin of the Royal Gala is in New Zealand, but today the apple is available in all countries, and the variety is also grown in many countries, including Poland.

Harvested under the Polish sun

Our Royal Gala apples come directly from our grower in Poland. We have an intensive collaboration with this grower, where we also grow green peppers. Throughout the year, we work with passion, to harvest the best quality apples. And this year it also worked out! The apples are grafted, treated in the right way so that the apples grow nicely and then harvested at the end of the summer. The first apples that we now receive come directly from the tree.

Packed and ready for transport to Holland

After the apples are harvested, they are stored in storage cells. These cells have an extremely low oxygen content, which means that the apples can be stored for up to a year without deteriorating quality. The apples are removed from the cell and then washed, sorted, and packed. Ready for transport to the Netherlands! At the moment the apples are not yet coming out of the storage cells, because we are still at the beginning of the season.

Do you buy Royal Gala apples from us?

The first Royal Gala Apples from Poland will arrive in week 37, after which we will receive several arrivals every week. You can purchase your apples from us based on daily prices, weekly prices, seasonal prices, or programs. Any desired packaging is also possible. You can of course also purchase your apples in several ways, for example via EDI or MyKraaijeveld. Read more about ordering your products digitally here.

"A partnership with Kraaijeveld means that they do as they say. Kraaijeveld is a reliable and innovative partner and we work closely with the organisation towards a mutually successful future. "

Mr. Kessen - Hessing BV

A completely new way of ordering With personal touch

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