The spring onion, also called lettuce onion, is a young, still immature onion with leaves. The bulb is not fully developed yet. This onion is therefore not eaten for the bulb, but for the stem and leaves.

Spring onion of Kraaijeveld

Our spring onions are supplied in different packaging. We supply spring onions in EPS specific for our processing customers, where there are no rubber bands around the spring onions. In addition, the spring onions (also during the Egypt season) are cleaned extra, so that the products enter the production clean. In this way, you save two steps in the processing process and ensures that you can get started right away. In the winter period, our spring onions come from our supplier in Egypt, while during summer the onions come directly from our German grower.

Directly from our German grower

In the south of Germany, our spring onions are currently grown with precision. Back in the days, the supplier used to be a cattle-breeding farm the focus now is on growing lamb's lettuce, spring onions, and radishes. The spring onions are packed at the grower. The products have QS, IFS, Global Gap, and EUREP-Gap certificates. The supplier's name stands for freshness and quality. This is reflected in the quality of the products, which means that the spring onions can rightly be called premium products! We have the German spring onions available until October, after which we switch to Egyptian spring onions during the winter season.

Where you can process spring onions for

Did you know that when you are cutting spring onions, you have to cry less than with normal onions? This is because the spring onions are not yet fully ripened when harvested. Spring onions must be processed quickly because the green leaves soften quickly. The taste of spring onions is soft and somewhat reminiscent of leeks. Spring onions can be used raw, stewed, and in hot dishes. Raw spring onions are used as a garnish in soups, salads, raw vegetables, or in an omelet. Braised spring onions are often used in egg dishes, with fish or meat dishes. Spring onions are also often used in wok dishes. Reason enough to process spring onions!

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