As an exclusive pineapple partner of the Michelle brand, we do everything we can to deliver the best pineapple to you. Of course, pineapple is also a living product which means that there are all kinds of external influences that can influence the quality of the product. So is translucency. In this blog, you can read how a pineapple grows and what translucency exactly means.

How does the pineapple grow?

The growth process of a pineapple plant takes a long time. For example, it can take one to two years before the pineapple is ready for harvest. The plant is made up of more than a hundred different fruits, recognizable by the different eyes on the pineapple. As the plant continues to grow, more fruits are added. That is why the pineapple is always riper at the bottom than at the top because at the bottom the plant has already grown and ripened further.

Artificial and natural flowering

To accelerate the growth of the pineapple, growers use artificial flowering. This means that the growth and ripening process of the pineapple is artificially started and accelerated. But of course, the pineapple grows in nature, and once a year the process of natural flowering occurs. The pineapple will then ripen on its own, resulting in a double ripening.

What is translucency and how does it arise?

The period of natural flowering often coincides with the rainy season in South America. This means that the pineapple is double ripened and also retains a lot of moisture due to the rain. The pineapple then looks extra yellow and is very moist on the inside. This is called translucency. The phenomenon can be recognized by a deep yellow pineapple with extra dark spots on the inside.

What can you expect in the coming period?

The period of natural flowering has started, which means that our pineapples also currently contain translucency. We do everything we can to deliver your pineapple as quickly as possible and with as the lowest amount of translucency as possible. In addition, it is also possible that fewer volumes of pineapple are delivered. Ask for more information, contact the seller!

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