As the months go by, our citrus varieties generally come closer to home. Less ships will cross the sea from South Africa, but more trucks will depart from Spain and other parts of Europe to bring the citrus to Kraaijeveld. Below you can read what will change in our citrus in the coming weeks!

Juicy orange oranges

The last South African hand oranges are currently being packed and transported. The season for oranges from Africa will end before October 15, because on that day the annual import duty on the product comes into effect. However, it will take another 4 weeks before the Spanish oranges are well colored and ready for sale. Our South African oranges will continue to arrive until the end of November.

Overcrowded lemon market and limes as a stable factor

The lemon market is currently saturated because there is a surplus of South African and Argentine lemons. The first Turkish lemons are also on the market. We will carry African lemons for another two weeks, after which you can buy the first Spanish lemons at Kraaijeveld. Little will change in the market for Honduran limes because we receive our limes from the same supplier all year round.

From Nadorcott to Clementines

The first Spanish Mandarins are already on the market! However, we at Kraaijeveld choose to keep South African Nadorcott Mandarins, because they have better quality. In two weeks the Spanish Clementines will have good color and taste, after which we will also import them. The Clementines will also be available again in boxes of 2.3KG.

Our exotic pomelo from China

In week 42, the first Chinese pomelos will arrive. There will be a shortage of pomelos this year, due to the extremely high freight rates from China. As a result, the price will remain high throughout the season.

Star Ruby and Sunrise grapefruit are on the way

The last South African grapefruits have already arrived, so there are currently no new grapefruits arriving. In week 42, the first Turkish Star Ruby Grapefruits will be on the market. At Kraaijeveld we receive the grapefruits a little later, so we know for sure that the inside and outside are beautifully red and juicy. Once again we receive the grapefruits weekly from our supplier Özler under the Hassat brand. The season of white grapefruit from Israel will start next week, after which Israeli Sunrise grapefruit will also arrive.

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