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Exotic fruits, cresses and other out of the ordinary produce are everyday ingredients in the gastronomic sector. Do you experience a sinking feeling when a customer asks
for a highly specific product you have never even heard of?  Or when it takes you almost 36 suppliers to deliver one complete order?

So isn't it great to have a premium supplier who really can deliver all the goods for you? A supplier who knows all the ins and outs and can advise you in detail. So you can place your entire order in a single pair of hands and rely on them to take care of the rest. As a specialist in gastronomy sector we understand the issues you face. Our young, committed and enthusiastic team is ready to serve you.

A range specially selected for you

Do you need a delivery of grapes, but do your customers sometimes also ask for papaya? As a gastronomy specialist we offer an extensive range of produce. There's nothing you want that we can't supply. From fruit vegetables to lettuce and cabbage varieties and from exotic fruit to melons. Our range : an addition to your assortment?

In addition to whole pallets, order mix pallets

Isn't it frustrating when supplier insists on a minimum order of a full pallet of one product? Because we know your customers, we also know that a whole pallet can sometimes simply be too much of a good thing. That's why, with us, you can pick and mix products to create your
own mix pallet. Our logistics process is organised so that we can deliver all the produce you need in the volumes you want. Click here to discover the benefits of our mix pallets for you.

Strong product lines ensure quality for you

Looking for the perfect produce for your customers in the gastronomy sector? Kraaijeveld is happy to help you. We have devoted the last few years to creating strong product lines. And that effort has certainly paid off! Discover our pineapples, melons, citrus fruits, grapes and
much more, straight from the source.

Your order list in MyKraaijeveld

Does sourcing small volumes of produce take a relatively long time? Kraaijeveld has devised a solution. Your entire purchasing process under one roof. Our online portal MyKraaijeveld presents our entire range in a single overview. Including specialty produce, that you may never have heard of. In our online portal you can order the produce, view the details of your order, request certificates, register returns and much more. By marking your products as a favourite, you can save a lot of time. Even if you have an existing contract.

Young and committed team

Our team of young and committed sales people ensures that ordering from us is a pleasure.

Quality before quantity

Whether you order large or small quantities, you can be rest assured that we deliver high-quality products as expected by the gastronomic sector.

Huge choice

Our wide range of products provides you with plenty of choice. From edible flowers to exotic fruit and vegetables.

Online ordering environment

Innovation, commitment and our proactive solutions result in more time, transparency, convenience, speed and future prospects.

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