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The processing industry is a world of its own. Especially when it comes to quality. The
produce must be at the perfect stage for slicing and cutting, with the right sugar content. Does your heart sink when the inspector calls again to say the pineapples look great on the outside but are translucent on the inside? Or if the internal structure of the
oranges fails to meet your quality requirements despite looking lovely on the outside?

As a supplier to the processing industry, we understand the importance of the internal
quality of fruit and vegetables. After all, you can't judge this quality simply from the outside. Or can you? At Kraaijeveld, we make every effort to anticipate and avoid potential problems.

Our special processing range for you

Looking for crownless pineapple or a special variety of salad leaves? Our many years of experience in the processing industry mean our offering goes beyond just our standard ranger. We offer our customers in the processing industry more. Our range is designed to suit your needs. Whether it's melons in large boxes, crownless pineapples, industrial cucumbers or any other type of produce. And it's not just the range that matches your needs. By inspecting, for example, the brix content, required structure and residue levels according to your specifications, we can ensure you will be getting a lot less of those annoying calls from the inspector. Saving you time. And money. And headaches.

Your products from our strong import lines

We all want to offer our customers the very best. Our strong import lines mean we can offer you consistent quality and reliable prices. And we work proactively with you to provide a frictionless and full-service experience. This opens up opportunities of scale and provides
perspectives. Whether what you need is pineapples, melons, capsicums, grapes, oranges or cucumbers.

Our quality assurance

Have you also noticed that customers are better informed than ever? The world is changing, and you must change with it. But adapting and charging naturally raises questions. What do I have to take into account ? How can I make sure that my analyses are all correct? When am I adequately covered? As a QS and IFS certified partner, we perfectly understand the issues you face! We agree the required specifications with you. We can arrange the analyses and certificates on your behalf. We think proactively with you. After all, that's the least you can expect from your partner..

No more (unpleasant) surprises

You obviously want to utilise the full capacity of your processing lines. That's something we are fully aware of. So securing the continuity of your supplies is vital. Wouldn't it be ideal if you could call-off the volumes you need per week or season, and ensure the availability
of your produce? Meet the solution - our contracts. Entering into a contract with Kraaijeveld assures you of the best price and continuity in the flow of supplies. So that your processing line never has unnecessary downtime.

Your crownless pineapples online

Giving all produce the attention it deserves. In addition to selling full pallets of one product, Kraaijeveld also specialises in mix pallets. So you can order your products in precisely the right volume. And it gets even better: In our online portal MyKraaijeveld you can order your products , view your orders, register returns, request certificates and much more. Do you order full pallets of one product? Then you can benefit from our volume discount.

Years of expertise

We combine years of expertise with a team of young talent so you can rely on first-class advice.

Quality and quantity

We ensure that every product for processing meets our high quality standards, even when you order large quantities.

Direct from source

Close relationships with the growers and high quality standards result in strong product lines.

Online ordering environment

Innovation, commitment and our proactive solutions result in more time, transparency, convenience, speed and future prospects.

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