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Every year billions of melons in every imaginable variety, size, weight, flavour and packaging are grown and exported. It's almost impossible to see the wood for the trees. Because although they all might look very similar, not every melon is the one you are looking for. So maybe that's why you have sometimes been a bit disappointed with the quality, the brix content or how the melons were packed. It's vital to partner up with a specialist, who can direct you towards the perfect melons for your requirements.

Say Kraaijeveld, say melons. Every week, huge volumes of melons arrive at our company direct from the source. We adapt our range of melons to suit our customers’ needs, so our melons are guaranteed to make your smile. The right product for every customer. That's precisely what you can expect when you partner up with a specialist.

A special melon for each target group

Our range consists of watermelons, Galia melons, Charentais melons, Cantaloupe melons and
honey melons which can be ordered as a full, mono product pallet or as part of a mix pallet. Using regular product lines, the right quality with an extensive quality assurance programme and stable volumes, we can offer you the best melons all year round.

We fully appreciate that as a processor you think more in terms of kilos than in ten small melons in a box. So, for your segment, we take a different approach, with large melons in large boxes. Naturally with the right stage of ripeness and brix content.

If you are active in the gastronomy market or as a retailer, you need a melon that is not only delicious, but also a feast for the eye. We understand that you are looking for the right analyses and certificates. Thanks to our close cooperation with the grower, we continuously optimise quality and innovate with varieties.

Get the year off to a great start with melons from Honduras

At the end of December and in the period from January to May, our melons are sourced from Honduras. Here, in cooperation with Mike’s Melons, we offer the best Charentais melons, Cantaloupe melons, Galia melons and honey melons. Each shipment is subjected to extensive
customer-specific inspections on arrival to ensure the melons exceed the wishes of the customer. To find out more about how we work together, watch the video about Kraaijeveld and Mike’s Melons!

From February to May, our watermelons come from Costa Rica and Panama.

Welcome the summer with Spanish melons

As soon as summer is on its way, the melons grown in the Spanish regions of Almeria and Murcia are harvested and exported. Melons are a peak product in summer, and we are prepared to meet that demand. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that enough volume is available every day. Spanish melons are famed for their sugary sweet taste. When are you going to try them? 

Herald the arrival of autumn with Brazilian melons

At the end of August, the Brazilian melon season starts. Various suppliers, including Agricola Famosa, supply us with watermelons, honey melons, Charentais melons, Cantaloupe melons and Galia melons. The melons have been grown with extreme care and precision, which means they are Global Gap, Rainforest Alliance and M&S Fork certified. Watch how we started the Brazilian melon season of 2020/2021 here.

Order your melons with one click

Isn't it convenient to see all the sizes, weights and prices in one overview? So you can simply order your melons straight from this list. MyKraaijeveld makes it possible. On our online ordering platform, you can order your melons with one click. At a time that suits you. MyKraaijeveld is open six days a week, 24 hours a day. You can request your certificates, view your previous orders and register returnable packaging. All on one platform. The ultimate in convenience, clarity and speed.

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