What we did in 2021

As you probably know, Kraaijeveld has been certified according to various quality and food safety schemes for several years. We do this to ensure that we deliver a food-safe product. In addition, our quality department has intensive daily contact with our customers, suppliers, and knowledge holders in the chain to guarantee the quality of the product and process. All of this has ensured that we have achieved the following things in the past year!
22 November 2021

Mobile version MyKraaijeveld is now available for use!

It has been more than two years since our online ordering platform opened its doors. Since that time, many customers on their computers and laptops have ordered fruit and vegetables online. Now we go one step further: from now on you can order your fruit and vegetables on your phone in MyKraaijeveld. This way, wherever you are, you can place your order even faster and easier. Especially when you are on the road, walking in your warehouse, or if you do not have your computer within reach.
9 November 2021

Visiting our Egyptian spring onion grower

Now that we can travel again, our buyers are making good use of it. Last week, our colleagues Marinus and Jan went to Egypt to visit our spring onion grower and see how the process from cultivation to export looks like. They were able to experience the first harvest, because next Monday, October 25 we will receive the first spring onions!
21 October 2021

Fresh into the winter season

As the months go by, our citrus varieties generally come closer to home. For example, the ships will purchase from South Africa, but more trucks will depart from Spain and other parts of Europe to bring the citrus to Kraaijeveld. Below you can read what will change in the citrus of Kraaijeveld in the coming weeks!
5 October 2021

The first Royal Gala apples available

The first Royal Gala apples will arrive at Kraaijeveld Groente en Fruit on 13 September. They are harvested under the Polish sun, packaged and available for sale.
10 September 2021

Premium spring onion

The spring onion, also called lettuce onion, is a young, still immature onion with leaves. The spring onions are available all year round at Kraaijeveld, directly from our Egyptian or German grower.
21 June 2021

Translucency in pineapples

As an exclusive pineapple partner of the Michelle brand, we do everything we can to deliver the best pineapple to you. Of course, pineapple is also a living product which means that there are all kinds of external influences that can influence the quality of the product. So is translucency. In this blog, you can read how a pineapple grows and what translucency exactly means.
21 May 2021

Stepping into the summer with Spanish melons

Summer is approaching, which means we can get our melons from closer to home. In the regions of Almeria and Murcia, the finishing touches are put on our melons, after which they are harvested and transported. Welcome to the Spanish melon season!
11 May 2021

A completely new way of ordering With personal touch

Would you like to view all your products in one place, ordering at a time that is convenient to you and get access to personal information in one click? Everything is possible in our online portal MyKraaijeveld. And we still give you the personal touch! Experience the solution of your ordering frustrations.

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