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About the best pineapples
  • Direct from Costa Rica

  • Pineapples with and without crown

  • Exclusivity of the brand Tropical Sweet

  • Sizes 5 until 10

Imagine the situation: you have ordered a pallet of pineapples, but on delivery the quality fails to match up to what you had in mind. Or the pallet isn't even delivered because the produce is not available. So next time you place your order for pineapples with the competitor, right?

Thanks to our intensive contact with our growers, at Kraaijeveld we can offer you pineapple varieties with and without crown, of consistent quality, with the corresponding certificates and directly from the source.

Pineapples with crown

Do you want to offer the most famous exotic fruit exclusively to your customers, all year round? It's possible! Our Tropical Sweet brand pineapples are grown all year round with extreme care and precision. We offer you pineapples in sizes five to ten, directly from the plantation in Costa Rica.

Our pineapples are available as part of mix pallets and as complete pallets. This means you can buy the volume that suits you from us. Read more about our mix pallets here.

Crownless pineapples, but still crowned

Do you process fresh fruit or are you looking for environmentally friendly pineapples? Then our pineapples without crown fit the bill perfectly! The first step in the process has already been done for you: the crown has been removed. This saves you time and money.

Curious to find out what sizes of pineapples without crown we offer? These pineapples are available in sizes 5/7, 6/8, 7/9, and 7/10. Size 5/7 means; pineapples in size 5, but because the
crowns have been removed, more fit in a box. The result? Seven pineapples of size 5 in one box. Pineapples with the crown removed take up less space during transport, reduce emissions and are therefore better for the environment. In addition to our pineapples without crown, Kraaijeveld offers various other produce, especially for processors. Read more about our complete range here.

Costa Rica: the journey of the pineapples starts here

Have you ever visited Costa Rica? If you travel to this South American country, you can enjoy the stunning nature. The country is inhabited by a rich diversity of wildlife. The rainforests are home to the most colourful creatures, while the coral reefs are a breathtaking spectacle. This idyllic situation is due to the tropical rainforest climate: high temperatures and high rainfall throughout the year. The perfect place to grow our pineapples!

Our cooperation with the growers

Kraaijeveld ensures the best pineapple varieties through close cooperation with the supplier and its growers. We are the only importer and exporter in Europe to supply pineapples of the Michelle brand. What does this close cooperation involve? We supply pineapples packed to your specification, in consultation with our grower. We work together on the customer specific quality and analyses to ensure you receive the pineapples that suit you. 

Order your pineapples with one click

Isn't it convenient to see all the sizes, weights and prices in one overview? So you can simply order your pineapples straight from this list. MyKraaijeveld makes it possible. On our online ordering platform, you can order your pineapples with one click. At a time that suits you. MyKraaijeveld is open six days a week, 24 hours a day. You can request your certificates, view your previous orders and register returnable packaging. All on one platform. The ultimate in convenience, clarity and speed.

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