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Are you noticing that customers are becoming more demanding and you don't quite know how to deal with this? Does the term ’safeguarding food safety and the associated specifications and risks’ make your head spin? Do you often experience quality management as a bit of a bother, complicated and something to be arranged quickly? Focus on the aspects that matter to you. Or actually, the aspects that matter to your customers. We have a saying at Kraaijeveld: if you can't do it properly yourself, call on the experts.

And that's where we come in. As well as supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to the food service, processing industry and retail we make sure that all the details are right. So you can provide transparency about the produce. The certainty that specifications, risks and food safety are monitored and safeguarded. The right product for the right customer. That is part of our commitment!

How do we put the fun into quality management?

The first thing you associate with the word quality is the quality of the produce. Our own team of inspectors ensures that every pallet that leaves our premises is inspected. We also cooperate closely with our suppliers. Some of them are present when the products arrive at our premises to assess the quality together with our inspectors. Strong relationships with our suppliers mean that specifications can be modified in line with customer requirements.

But there's more to quality than just the quality of the produce! In recent years, a huge volume of knowledge has been developed about quality and food safety. So why not share this knowledge? By cooperating in the field of quality management, we can offer your customers a full-service experience. Quality management covers all the details. That is how we put the fun into quality management!

How do our inspectors contribute to quality?

Inspector Ronald explains: ‘What we see is that each customer has their own specifications. Demands are increasing and produce has to be adapted according to the customer's wishes and needs. In my work as an inspector, I notice that I'm assigned an advisory role in linking
certain produce to the right customer. All with the aim of safeguarding quality for the customer!’

Your organic produce

Are you seeing a rise in the demand for organic produce? We certainly are! As a SKAL certified supplier, we can help you if you are looking for organic produce or need help with specific issues related to organic produce.

QS and FSSC 22000 certified partner

Do you want to be sure about the food safety of your produce, and of its quality? You can rely on us. As a QS certified partner, Kraaijeveld offers quality assurance safeguards for the produce. Download the certificate here.

As an IFS certified partner, we ensure that all your products are food safe and that we have risks under control. Click here to view our certificate.

Recently we have also received the latest version of the FSSC 22000 certificate.

Quality for every target group

You naturally want to supply the right quality to your customers. Whether you are a processor, a retailer or active in the gastronomy sector, we supply the quality that suits you. And it's not just the quality of the produce that is perfect, but all the other conditions too.
Including analyses, certificates, and specifications.

As a gastronomy specialist, we understand the importance of produce that really looks the part. A product must offer premium quality for you and your customers. Read more about our approach for you, as a gastronomy customer.

Thanks to years of experience we can provide you, in the processing industry, with quality that satisfies your requirements, certificates and specifications. Curious to learn more about our melons in big boxes and crownless pineapples? Read more here.

As a Kraaijeveld customer, we ensure that the certificates, analyses, specifications, product quality and appearance are correct in every detail for you. Read more about our approach in the retail sector here.

Identical quality online

Do you sometimes suspect that online quality is different to the quality of produce ordered by phone? There's no need to worry about that with Kraaijeveld. When you order online, you will receive precisely the same quality as when you call the sales assistant. After all, our quality is no secret.

In our online portal, MyKraaijeveld , you can order products and also view the quality of the products. You can request certificates and analyses for every category of produce. Not completely satisfied with your delivery? It is also easy to arrange the return process

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