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Having to order a minimum number of units, or a full pallet of one product, can be a frustrating part of the buying process, especially nowadays. You really want to buy a certain item, but 500 melons or thousands of avocados are simply too much of a good thing! You would rather order your products per package, so wouldn’t it be ideal if all the different fruit and vegetables you need could be supplied on one pallet. And that is precisely one of our areas of excellence!

In addition to offering complete pallets of produce, our dedicated shopping floor enables you to order smaller volumes. So, you can buy exactly what you need, we can contribute to reducing food waste together and the produce is always absolutely fresh. Stronger together into the future!

Three packages of chives and four boxes of Charentais melons

Wouldn't it be great if everything you ordered was delivered on just one pallet? Meet our solution: mix pallets. How can we best describe a mix pallet? A mix pallet contains your order of various types of produce, in the required volumes, stacked on one pallet. So you are free to order three packages of chives, four boxes of Charentais melons, seven EPS trays of capsicums and so on!

Benefits of our shopping floor

Everyone wants to offer their customers the widest possible range of fresh produce. Our shopping floor is bursting with the freshest produce available. But what is our shopping floor exactly? Our shopping floor stocks a wide range of produce. You can compare it to a cash and
carry facility in a separate part of our warehouse, where our logistics staff work as order pickers. With numerous benefits for you!

This dedicated shopping floor means we can offer you an extensive range of product lines, guarantee availability and fresh produce is added daily. As the order pickers can prepare your pallet quickly and efficiently, we can offer very competitive rates for individual packaging
units too!

Prepare your mix pallet online

Tired of spending valuable time on the phone ordering a huge list of maybe 20 different products? Use our online ordering portal MyKraaijeveld to prepare your own mix pallet quickly and easily. This digital platform allows you to place orders of all the produce you need in small volumes. 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. You can order at a time that suits you best! Worried you might not be paying the best price? There's no need. In MyKraaijeveld the prices of our product range are adjusted every 15 minutes, so you always have a best price guarantee.

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