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The demands are high, the challenges diverse. We supply perfect products that meet incredibly precise specifications.

Deliver a top performance on a daily basis. We have a broad assortment filled with wholesale specialties aimed at the catering sector.

We offer the best deals. We possess strong import lines and direct contact with our sources. We guarantee delivery.


We understand that you, as a food professional, want to discuss your wishes with us. You can e-mail us, call us (07:00 – 18:00 o’clock) or send us a message through Facebook Messenger.

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6 Sep 2019

Innovation and modernisation are hot topics within the Fresh Produce sector. When do we start and how? Fax machines and telephones are becoming a thing of the past. Kraaijeveld goes one step further and you can expect to see us everywhere in the next couple of weeks. Register below for the newsletter and be the first to know what is coming! 

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6 Sep 2019

About the company
AGRÍCOLA FAMOSA is a company with 4 different locations in the north of Brazil. My company was established in 1995 and we own a total of 30 thousand hectares, of which 11 thousand hectares are dedicated to melon production alone. Besides melons, we also grow papayas and bananas. We employ more than 6000 people and we offer housing to 3500 employees. They are also offered a meal three times a day.