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The demands are high, the challenges diverse. We supply perfect products that meet incredibly precise specifications.

Deliver a top performance on a daily basis. We have a broad assortment filled with wholesale specialties aimed at the catering sector.

We offer the best deals. We possess strong import lines and direct contact with our sources. We guarantee delivery.


We understand that you, as a food professional, want to discuss your wishes with us. You can e-mail us, call us (07:00 – 18:00 o’clock) or send us a message through Facebook Messenger.

Latest news
18 Apr 2019

Avocados seem to be more popular than ever. That is why Kraaijeveld has its own import line from Peru. We are happy to introduce you to our supplier and show you what sets this company apart. The supplier also explains a bit about the seasons, the sizes and the certificates that it has, and, of course, why you as a Kraaijeveld customer should really give these avocados a try. Take this opportunity to learn more about the supplier behind our avocados.

18 Apr 2019

In this section we present our team members one at a time. It's Cornelis IJzelenberg’s turn this time. What is the best compliment that our salespeson has ever had? Where are his strengths? He also reveals his biggest blooper, what he would still like to improve and why you as a customer should do business with Kraaijeveld. All of this in less than 300 words.