On the other side of the phone

This time with: Theo Vellekoop
20 years old – single – loves skiing and heads off to the snow every year – has worked at  Kraaijeveld for a year and a half

Theo: Can you tell us something about yourself that people would not immediately expect?
It may sound a bit strange, but I do the grocery shopping every day at Kraaijeveld. Me and a few colleagues have lunch here together and it’s my job to do the shopping for this. And sometimes I also deliver prints from the printer. That’s one of the consequences of sitting next to Gertjan Kraaijeveld.

What do you like most about your work?
What I like most about my job, and the fruit and vegetable trade in general, is that no two days are the same. It is trading, which means daily changes in terms of price and availability. It’s a never-ending challenge to make things work out for the best of our customers. Besides that I enjoy talking to different customers every day. They all have their own story and that makes it interesting and diverse.

You just mentioned it briefly, but what do you find the biggest challenge every day?
For me, it really is the daily challenge of serving and supplying our customers in the best possible way. Every customer has their own specific wishes and requirements. If we manage to succeed and our customers are satisfied, it makes me feel very good.

Why do you think customers should definitely do business with Kraaijeveld?
Every employee at Kraaijeveld puts a lot of effort into serving our customers every day. In addition, we offer several extra services to completely relieve our customers of any hassle. We try to offer a customized package to all our customers. We are only satisfied when they are.