Baby Clover Cress

Baby Clover Cress is a decorative small-leaved cress with clover-shaped (heart-shaped, lancet-shaped) leaves and a slightly acidic taste. Baby Clover Cress has a taste that is reminiscent of acidic green apples and therefore makes an excellent ingredient for sweet-tasting dishes, cream-based soups, sauces, and fish. Baby Clover Cress is also great to use in mayonnaise, yoghurt, salads, and drinks such as cordials and tea.

Baby Clover Cress is a member of the wood-sorrel family Oxalidaceae which is predominantly found in Chile and Argentina. The leaves of this plant were originally used to give dishes a more acidic flavour and are a suitable replacement for lemon. The three-leaved clover is a national symbol of Ireland and also represents the holy trinity of Christianity. An even more interesting fact about the product is that it was used in the past to make weapons infallible.

Baby Clover Cress is available all year round. The storage temperature for this product is between 2 °C and 7 °C. The optimal temperature range that best maintains the quality of the product is between 2 °C and 4 °C. Produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods, Baby Clover Cress satisfies hygiene standards in the kitchen. You can use this product directly, as it is cultivated cleanly and hygienically.