The food trends of 2019

Diversity of fruits and vegetables
Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the large variety of fruits and vegetables that exists. This is not only in terms of new products, but especially the diversity within a certain type of product. Think of the apple, for example. Wholesalers are trying to expand their assortment to attract different types of consumers.

More home delivery
In the past, if you didn’t have time to cook would you have just stopped by a restaurant? Nowadays it is simply delivered to your home. “It seems that we are entering the era of food and grocery delivery”.

Less meat; more plants, vegetables and fruit
More and more people are making more conscious choices about what they do and do not eat. This creates a growing interest in vegetable alternatives for meat, for example. More and more ‘vegetarian dishes’ are appearing on the menus of the catering industry. This will probably only increase.

Food safety
It has been increasingly decisive for a number of years: food safety. It’s a major challenge. More and more food producers are aware of the requirements regarding residue and such matters. A variation of this is the demand for food that is free of gluten and allergens.

Traceability of products
The next trend involves the traceability of products. Controlling the chain is becoming increasingly important and it is only a matter of time before all products will be fully traceable.