Let's hear from our supplier.. Carlo of Farmosa

About the company
AGRÍCOLA FAMOSA is a company with 4 different locations in the north of Brazil. My company was established in 1995 and we own a total of 30 thousand hectares, of which 11 thousand hectares are dedicated to melon production alone. Besides melons, we also grow papayas and bananas. We employ more than 6000 people and we offer housing to 3500 employees. They are also offered a meal three times a day.

About the product
We grow our seeds in greenhouses. Soil preparation is done by composting and adding minerals. The drip irrigation system is set up. After 10 or 15 days, the seedlings are transplanted into the field where they receive cultural treatments and will continue to grow there until the point of harvest. The melons grow best in the north of Brazil as this has the ideal climate to ensure high quality, tasty melons.

About the export
Our melon season starts in August and ends in February. They are transported in cardboard boxes. We use biological controls for disease and pest controls. I have the following certifications: Global Gap and Nurture, Rainforest Alliance, Field to Fork, SMETA/SEDEX.