Skal certificate for Kraaijeveld

The first steps have been taken to obtain the Skal certificate. The Skal certificate guarantees the reliability of organic products. Kraaijeveld has taken this step because of the increasing demand for organic products. We expect to be certified within three months.

What is Skal?
Skal Biocontrole is the designated Control Authority responsible for the inspection and certification of organic companies in the Netherlands. Every company that wants to produce, process, package, import, trade, export or store organic products must be Skal certified. The European government determines the rules and the Skal organisation checks whether all parties involved comply with these rules.

Why Skal?
Kraaijeveld believes it will benefit from having the Skal certificate because we see an increasing trend in the demand for organic products. According to figures from the European Commission the sales of organic products increased to a value of 34.3 billion Euros between 2010 and 2017. The total market share of the organic sector in the Netherlands is 4%. It is striking that the “exotic fruit, fresh or dried, nuts and spices” category accounts for at least 24% of EU imports of organic products from outside the EU. The most recent figures also show that Germany and France are the most important markets for organic products with a market value of 10 billion euros and 8 billion euros respectively.

We are doing our utmost to have the certificate in June. This would mean that we’ll be Skal-certified within three months and can get started with organic products.

We will keep you posted!