Sprouts from Dutch soil

Sprouts season has started again! The real deal: sprouts from Dutch soil. Sprouts are usually available from the end of August until February. Sprouts have a slightly bitter cabbage-like flavour and are mostly served as a main dish in the old Dutch manner: with Potatoes, Meat and Gravy.

Children usually don’t like sprouts because of their slightly bitter cabbage-like flavour. You can soften this by adding other ingredients. For instance, by braising them alongside pieces of apple or pumpkin, or by adding some grapes when you boil them.

Kraaijeveld has sprouts in 2 different sizes:

A: 23-31mm
B: 30-41mm

The sprouts are available separately in 5 and 10 kilograms or in packaging of 10x500 grams. Simply order them directly through our price list!