What are the food trends this Christmas?

One of the food trends this Christmas is vegan. More and more people do not find meat and fish on obligation at the Christmas dish and choose vegetables and fruit more quickly. As specialists in potatoes, vegetables, and fruit we need to respond to this increasing need and supply our customers with inspiration and new products.

Come up with a top 5 of Christmas produce and surprise your customers and chefs with it. Let us help the restaurants to respond to the vegan needs by offering a number of other produce at Christmas that they normally do not order and use. Some nice vegetables? Or special coloured exotics? Colour is, as it seems, always a good choice! Partly because photos of colourful dishes are doing very well on social media.

We also see the emergence of the trend of fresh products package in the Netherlands, of which we expect that it will expand to Germany in the coming years. These packages have the right amount of ingredients and include the dish’ recipe. The underlying idea/trend is that people look for convenience without compromising on the food’s quality and taste. Would you like to talk to use about these fresh products packages to see what this can mean for you? Please let us know.

Do you feel like celebrating Christmas with a bang? Or a top 5 of products? You can discuss this with your account manager and create a nice offer for your customers!