Exclusief interview met onze avocado leverancier

(Niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands)

How does your company distinguish themselves amongst other suppliers? What is special about your company that we can share with our clients?
DanPer is turning 25 years of uninterrupted work this 2019, producing and exporting the highest quality vegetables and fruits in fresh, super grains, canned and frozen presentations for the most demanding markets. The company has bet for continuous improvement establishing an effectively Integrated Management System (IMS) that includes international certifications in the Economic, Social and Environmental aspects for its processing plants, such as HACCP, GRASP + GRASP, BRC, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, BASC, SA 8000.

What assortment do you offer (sizes)?
We manage also Hass avocado with counts of 10-32 // 40,48,60,70,84 for markets like USA, Asia, Europe itself.

When did the season start and when does it end?
* March - May for Green Skin
* March - July for Hass

What certificates do you have?
For avocados quality and social certification are: BRC, Global Gap, SA 8000, GRASP.

Why should everyone try your avocadoes?
In general, avocado is considered one of the main tropical fruits, as it contains fat-soluble vitamins which are less common in other fruits, besides high levels of protein, potassium and unsaturated fatty acids. This fruit has been recognized for its health benefits, especially due to the compounds present in the lipidic fraction, such as omega fatty acids, phytosterols, tocopherols and squalene. Studies have shown the benefits of avocado associated to a balanced diet, especially in reducing cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Danper's avocados are grown, and packed in compliance with quality and safety standards.  

Hope this helps to understand more about us and more about the product. We can’t wait for your clients to try our avocados. They won’t regret it.