First Stonefruit

It won’t surprise you that it is due to the hardness of the kernel that people got inspired to name it Stone Fruit. Nor will it surprise you that the new season will ‘take off’ in a few weeks. However, the biggest non-surprise for you is the broad assortment Kraaijeveld can offer once again.

The plums, peaches and nectarines we are able to deliver you at this moment are either from South Africa or Chili. Halfway May the first Moroccan peaches and nectarines are expected to enter Dutch ground and at the start of June we will soon be switching to our own brands El Escobar and Catala, which are from Spanish origin. Special about this are the layered plums we deliver by then.
At this moment peaches and nectarines are sold in 5KG and 8KG, but these will be sold in 4kg and 10x1. We will start with the loose and layered apricots by then as well.

Dependent on the weather there might be a chance that the season will ‘take off’ somewhat later. Keep in touch!