Now that we can travel again, our buyers are making good use of it. Last week, our colleagues Marinus and Jan went to Egypt to visit our spring onion grower and see how the process from cultivation to export looks like. They were able to experience the first harvest, because next Monday, October 25, we will receive the first spring onions!

A look at the plantation

Near Cairo and the Nile, our spring onions are grown on a large number of hectares. Due to the presence of the river, the soil here is the most fertile. The temperature in Egypt is also optimal for cultivation at the moment. The cultivation of spring onions starts in the Ismaëlia area, followed by more areas in the region. New spring onions are grown every week, which will be harvested after 90 days. In this way, a weekly increase of fresh spring onions is ensured. The growers are specialized in the cultivation of spring onions and receive training in the correct way of growing.

Cleaned and packed with care

Our supplier pays all attention not only to the cultivation but also to the subsequent process. The products are harvested and brought to El Waha's warehouse in large, traceable crates. It is located near the growers, just next to Cairo. The products are not washed so that no mold develops. Of course, the spring onions are cleaned. Loose spring onions for our processing clients are cleaned extra. The spring onions are then packaged, and each package has its number so that in the event of any problems, it can be traced back to where the problem is. Because El Waha has the entire process in its own hands, all kinds of packaging can easily be supplied according to your wishes.

Export to the Netherlands

Packed and well, the products are ready for export to the Netherlands. To guarantee the freshness of the spring onions, the standard route from the port of Cairo to Rotterdam is not chosen, but the spring onions cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy or Slovenia, from where they are transported to Kraaijeveld by truck. This saves freight time, and gives you a fresher product!

El Waha spring onions, exclusively at Kraaijeveld

In the past we noticed that our spring onions from El Waha were reliable and that you liked them! That is why we opted for this brand again this year, which is only available at Kraaijeveld in the Netherlands. In addition, we are one of the first suppliers to be able to offer you the spring onions of the new season next Monday, October 25! After this, arrivals will follow a few times per week. Order your spring onions online.

"A partnership with Kraaijeveld means that they do as they say. Kraaijeveld is a reliable and innovative partner and we work closely with the organisation towards a mutually successful future. "

Mr. Kessen - Hessing BV

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